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Rubber Fenders- Delta Profile

for use on vehicles, ramps, loading bays, as boat fenders and doors


Polymax D fenders are made from resilient NR/SBR rubber compound and have a higher energy absorption capacity as compared to similar sized cylindrical fenders. These rubber D fenders are available in a wide variety of sizes making them suitable for use on boats, in warehouses, on loading bays, ramps, in commercial vehicles etc

Delta type buffer used for protection as sailing ship buffer, trucks and vehicles bumper=

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Article No.  

Dimensions B x L x H Part description
 70mm x 2.44m x 70mm
 92mm x 2.44m x 95mm D-fender
 95mm x 3m x 82mm D-fender
 92mm x 2m x 95mm D-fender
 52mm x 2.5m x 60mm D-fender
 50mm x 2.5m x 30mm D-fender
 30mm x 12.5m x 16mm D-fender (Also Available in single meter lengths)
 150mm x 3m x 50mm D-fender
 150mm x 2m x 150mm D-fender
 200mm x 2m x 150mm D-fender
 200mm x 2m x 200mm D-fender


Material : NR/SBR
Colour  : Black
Max. temp : up to +70°C
(avoid prolonged exposure)
Min. temp : up to -10°C
(avoid prolonged exposure)