KPM16539 Pedestal Anti vibration mount

The KPM 16539 mount has a low profile combined with relatively high deflection.

Ideal for use on Generators, Compressors, Pumps and Hydraulic Power Packs, where height is a consideration.

Made from specially compounded natural rubber  (NR)
Designed to achieve high damping under compressive loads

Polymax AD anti vibration mounts are capable of taking higher loads and have experimentally shown to have a higher fatigue life under cyclic compressive loading

Part Number Shore A Max Load Max Deflection Spring Rate
KPM 16539/1 45 250 Kg's 5.5 mm 45.5 kg/mm
KPM 16539/2 60 350 Kg's 5.0 mm 70.0 kg/mm
KPM 16539/3 70 500 Kg's 5.0 mm 100.0 kg/mm




KPM Anti-Vibration Pedestal mount